Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday 135

Hi everyone! Isn't it amazing to have it still bright and sunny at 6:30 in the evening. I was able to take a picture of my WIP today outside and it was glorious outside. We've had great weather (minus the rain last week) and I hope it continues. Maybe Spring really is here!

I'm so so so so excited to report that I finished my Color Affection shawl. I'm sure you're all breathing a sigh of relief that you won't have to look at it again...well, except on FO Friday! I hope to get great pictures of it, but if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen a few sneak peeks of JUST how big it turned out. It's almost blanket size, people! LOL Come back on Friday to see it in all its glory.

This is about WIPs though, not FOs. This is what I'm working on now.

This is the picture I took outside just now at 6:30. Impressive right? The only issue is that the color is off. This yarn is more of a sea foam green, not light blue. Last time you saw this sock, it was just a little bit of ribbing I believe. Unfortunately I haven't gotten much further (I finished binding off the Color Affection last night around 11pm), but you can now see the pattern emerge. This is the Hourglass Eyelet Socks pattern, which is free on Ravelry. It's a fun pattern so far. It's easy to follow and not too hard to remember. I think by the next pattern repeat I'll have it down. I'm using yarn I bought at Stitches, Cephalopod Yarn, Skinny Bugga! in Blue Ringed Octopus.

That's it for me today! I hope you have a great rest of your week and look forward to sharing my CA Shawl on Friday!

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  1. YYYAAAAYYY i dont have to look at that shawl! LOL
    can't wait to see it on friday

    love the pattern in that sock - i thought the colourway was bubblegum before you said something!

  2. Loving the sock pattern, and the yarn - Gorgeous! Isn't Spring-time awesome, so nice to be able to go out to work in the morning and actually see where you are going!

  3. Can't wait to see how the colour affection turned out and those socks look great.

  4. So excited to see your Color Affection on Friday! Love the socks you started, too.

  5. Even if the color isn't true it is gorgeous! LOL. Love the pattern going on there.

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  7. Even if the color isn't true, it's very pretty. I sooooooooo agree with you about it being light and being able to be outside. I LOVE daylight savings for just that reason. Though we woke up to more snow here today...argh. Then it was about half melted and then it started snowing again!! Making headway yet again with the melting ...hope it continues.

  8. Your WIP looks so wonderfully cushy and the color is fantastic!

  9. Squishy looking sock you've got on the go there! And how nice to have only the one thing, I've got four active WIPs this week - our new flatmate was inquiring after my polygamous knitting ways even!

  10. The sock's st pattern shows up very well in your yarn.

  11. Love the texture on those socks!

  12. Cant't wait to see these finished!